The Value in a Powder Nest

Some parents may ask us 'Where is the value in the Powder Nest?' nestvscompetitor_082818_2__72206.1535474727.png

Here are the key values in the Powder Nest:

  • Solid color design blocks UV rays.
  • Air-tight silicone ring seals powder from humidity.
  • Made of the best, safe #5 FDA Food-Grade Plastic.
  • Thick durable insulated walls to protect the formula. Crack resistant.
  • Maximize the storage life of your baby's formula under proper conditions.
  • Isolated spoon storage prevents cross contamination and better hygienic handling.
  • Convenient leveler always accessible for accurate scoops when preparing the formula.
  • Removable divider converts your Powder Nest to a lifetime of ultimate storage. Store fruits, vegetables, sweets, soups, other food and so much more! Keep air-tight needs such as meat fresh!

The Alternatives to Powder Nest


This image represents a perfect example of how not to store your baby's formula. This is a food container used by restaurants which are designed for one-time use only, not prolonged storage of baby formula. Similar to refilling a plastic water bottle (which is highly frowned upon), the plastic is not designed to be mold / bacteria resistant or protect the contents inside for a long period of time.

  • Lid is not air-tight.
  • Exposure to UV rays.
  • Transparent, thin unknown plastic.
  • Susceptible to cracking and damage.
  • Scoop / spoon is tossed into the baby's formula. Possible cross contamination. 
  • Need to use a kitchen knife or straight edge to level scoops.
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