How do I request a USPS redelivery/pickup?

You may schedule a redelivery online. Click here to visit the USPS tracking page. This option may not always be available.


Alternatively you may call your local USPS office, schedule a redelivery online or 1(800)275-8777 to schedule a redelivery.

Regardless of your tracking status (such as return to sender), it is necessary for you to call. Even if your tracking says it is being returned to sender, call as this can be stopped and changed. We always recommend that you attempt calling your local USPS office before calling USPS main line.

If you call the automated system, state "redelivery" when prompted and provide the tracking number and any other information requested. Always write your redelivery confirmation number, you may need it in the future.

Click here if you need to make changes to an existing redelivery.

Remember: If you decide to appoint another person to receive the package for you or schedule the redelivery, the appointee must have sufficient information regarding the package. The appointee must belong to the addressee's family, an employee of the addressee, or an agent of the addressee. Questions may be asked to verify authorization.

You can always pickup a delivery by visiting your local post office with an ID/proof of address.

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