Can I exchange unused formula?

Unfortunately we cannot exchange formulas. Due to formula being edible and perishable, to protect the integrity of our inventory, we do not offer exchanges or credit for any unused formula. The best option is to resell unused formula online (such as eBay) or to friends and family who may need.

It is very important to order sufficient but not an excess of formula. But also remember that unused formula can be used at anytime, even up to two years. Some parents choose to use stage PRE / 1 up to an entire year. It is all based on preference but this is entirely okay.


Before committing to a formula, test trial a formula for at least 2 months, later increasing the quantity and decreasing the consistency of orders. This will help avoid excess formula if your baby has any later-developed reaction such as constipation or intolerance. Especially repeat this process when transitioning to a different stage. Better safe than sorry!


If you feel the need to exchange unused formula, we would love to hear why. Maybe we can help? We will try our best. Please click here to submit a request.

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